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How this works

We want your feedback. Honestly!

How is work going? Do you have struggles? Are there ideas we could implement?

The entire reason for this survey is to better understand what our employees think of working with UTC, and if there's anything that needs to be changed/fixed or improved. We need your unvarnished opinion, so please don't hold back.

**This Survey is completely anonymous! We're not tracking who said what, we're just listening to what you have to say!**

Good to go?

Here's How It Works

  1. There will be a series of statements on each screen.

  2. You will be rating each statement according to your personal feelings.

As an example, let's assume you love dogs and hate cats. The statement you are rating is:

"Dogs are nice, but cats are terrible!"

Obviously, since you don't like cats, you strongly agree with the statement! Give it a 5 (Strongly Agree)


As another example, let's assume you hate breakfast, you're ok with lunch, and you absolutely love dinner! The statement you're rating is:

"Lunch is a good meal to keep your working day on target!"

Well you're ok with lunch, so do you agree? Or disagree? Why not give it a 3 (Neutral)

As our last example, let's assume your favorite color is blue. The statement you are rating is:

"Blue is the worst color in the world!"

You couldn't disagree with the statement more, so give it a 1 (Strongly Disagree)


You are rating how much you agree or disagree with the statement.

Good to go?
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